Omakse Dinner at Morimoto's

>> Jul 5, 2014

Had this urge to post pictures previously taken.

Having been to Moritmoto's multiple times now, I decided to bring my dad here for dinner one night. When the parents are paying, go for the best?

We decided to go for the $150USD per person omakase.

Toro Tartar topped with Oscietra Caviar and Gold Leaf

The toro tartar was a good as I remembered it to be. The crushed up fried shallots the dish a nice crunch. The gold leaf was mostly for cosmetic purposes.

Quartet of Oysters

I enjoyed all 4 oysters. Each was unique in its own way. The best part was that they were extremely fresh. After that bad experience at Zama (getting served oysters that smelt weird), my mindset is a little skewed when dining this far inland (oysters had to be transported pretty far).

Scallop Carpaccio

Assorted Sashimi

Chili Lobster with Sour Cream and Chives

The lobster was extremely good. The dry rubbed chili seasoning certainly gave it a nice zing. It was a little under seasoned though.


Dinner at Vetri, Philadelphia

Having spent 3 years in Philadelphia, it would be shame not to check out Vetri's. Quoted by Mario Batali as the best Italian restaurant in the US, I had to try it before I left.. I actually went to Vetri in December of 2013. My treat to my parents after earning my first paycheck.

Warm Bread


Assorted Garden Vegetables

Osso di Mammut

Onion Crepe


Omakase @ Morimoto Philadelphia

>> Feb 5, 2013

After being in Philly for close to 2 years, I finally decided to try the Omakase at Morimoto. I've had the sushi lunch on numerous occasions and gotta say it was pretty darn good for 26USD. 

I was seated at the sushi bar for the meal.

Toro Tartare

Toro Tartar topped with Oscietra Caviar

This dish was one of the best dishes that afternoon. The toro tartare was mixed with a good amount of fried onion to give it that wonderful crunch. The soy dressing went really well with the fish and dollops of wasabi on the side. The wild Japanese mountain peach was a nice palate cleanser after the tartar.

White Fish Carpaccio

White Fish Carpaccio

This dish was extremely good as well. The fish was dressed with a good amount of soy sauce and ladled with smoking peanut oil. My only complain was it was a little too oily.

Sawara (Spanish Mackerel) Sashimi Salad

Spanish Mackerel Sashimi Salad

Looking at previous reviews, I was really hoping to get the yellowtail sashimi salad. I was presented this instead. It was actually pretty darn good though. My only complain was that the dish was a little too salty.

Seared Sea Scallops

Seared Sea Scallops

A very nicely done scallop. Perfectly cooked, and served with a brown butter sauce and shitake mushroom.

Black Cod Miso

Black Cod Miso

This had to be the worse dish of the afternoon. The fish was a overcooked. I was hoping for a crispy skin but was disappointed when the skin was soggy. Being marinated in miso, I could understand why the skin was soggy. It is really tough to achieve a crispy exterior when the fish skin is not dry before cooking.

Assorted Sushi

Assorted Sushi

The sushi never fails to disappoint. The sushi at Morimoto usually comes with freshly grated wasabi, something I have grown to appreciate.

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

This dessert was surprisingly good. I thought it was a wonderful way to end the meal. The panna cotta on its own was nothing to shout about. However, when taken with the chocolate crunch and balls of passion fruit jelly, it was pretty darn good.

All in all, a good meal. Will come back again.

Tel: (215) 413-9070

723 Chestnut St, 
Philadelphia, PA 19106


Kai at Mayfair, London, UK

>> Jan 3, 2013

Was in London for Christmas and New Years Day. Celebrate New Years Eve at Kai Mayfair. Prior to this visit, we came to Kai for Lunch. Knowing we were Malaysians, the chef so kindly greeted us at the table at the end of the meal. Hence, we decided to celebrate New Years Eve here. The chef Alex Chow (is a Malaysian as well) has been published in The Star (Malaysia's largest circulating newspaper) numerous times. Kai is famed for the most expensive soup in the world (Buddha Jump Over the Wall). They serve it at 108 quids per serving.

For this visit, the chef told us he would prepare an exceptional spread for us. We gave him a decent budget and came not knowing what to expect. These were the dishes he prepared in the order it was served.

Seared Diver Scallop

Seared Diver Scallop- Spicy XO Sauce, lotus root crisp, stir-fried vegetables                             

Lightly seared sirloin

Lightly seared sirloin- Soy vinaigrette, shallot oil & chopped coriander                             

Braised Abalone

Braised Abalone- Asparagus, Jus Reduction                          

Wasabi prawns

Wasabi prawns- Mild wasabi mayonnaise, mango & basil seeds                          

Aromatic Crispy Duck

Aromatic Crispy Duck

Aromatic Crispy Duck- The most iconic ‘Chinese’ dish in the UK probably had its origins as a deep-fried adaptation of the more traditional Peking Duck. It may surprise you to hear that it is a British invention not widely available in the Far East. However, its incredible popularity has undoubtedly earned it a place as a genuine, authentic, Chinese classic.
Lobster Braised with Spring Onions & Ginger

Lobster Braised with Spring Onions & Ginger- Unusually, a recipe which people in the Far East come to London to eat. It is a dish which has evolved over the years in the London Chinese restaurant to be come a classic. Served with poached egg noodles.
Roasted Chilean Seabass

Roasted Chilean Seabass- Caramelised marinade of full-bodied Chinkiang black vinegar syrup, mustard, soy. Chickpeas, shallots & ginger.
Iberico Pork Loin

Iberico Pork Loin- Crisp bean & shrimp crumble, washington apple compote, granny smith jelly, apple blossom    


Jiro Dreams of Sushi

>> Apr 30, 2012

Believe it or not, instead of watching Avengers this weekend, I watched a documentary instead (probably because Avengers isn't out in the US yet). Anyway, Jiro-san is a legend. It is my dream to eat his sushi before anything happens to him. He is 85 years young after all. *Touch Wood*

Behold the trailer for Jiro Dreams of Sushi, the first and only sushi restaurant to have been awarded 3 Michelin Stars.

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