South Sea Chinese Seafood Restaurant @ Kampung Subang Baru, Selangor

>> Sep 13, 2010

Back in the days when the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah was still the national airport, everyone knew about the seafood restaurants situated along that stretch. However, many of those places have since closed down. One of the remaining places who stood through the sands of time is South Sea Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant has gone through a massive renovation and with mass media advertisement, been doing better than ever.

Their trademark is live seafood that are kicking. Yes, all of their seafood are displayed in tanks for you to choose from. There are a couple of other restaurants doing this too (Unique Seafood and Pantai Seafood etc). Their seafood are probably from the same supplier, hence the similarity. They had an assortment of crabs, clams, fish and oysters. One of their main attraction is their Red Mahseer, aka Red Kelah (from Kelantan river) and Empurau Fish (忘不了) which is originally from the Rajang river in Sarawak (the ones here are probably cultivated). They look quite similar, but are in fact a totally different species. The empurau can grow much bigger. Priced at RM700 per kilo, it is easily one of the most expensive fish in the restaurant. The fish can grow up to larger than 10kg.

This time round, we didn't have Alaskan King Crab, or anything of that magnitude. Do click here if you are interested to read about the King Crab.

Note: Pictures are taken using my phone (hence the quality)

Australian Lobster Sashimi

As with most other seafood at this place, the lobster is charged based on its weight (RM36.80/100grams). For a brief write up on lobsters, please click here. The lobster above is about 1kg. When eating sashimi, nothing much can go wrong, as long as the lobster is fresh. I prefer to have my lobster raw but for the faint hearted, you could always choose to dip it into the hot herbal concoction.

Siong Thong La-la

Lala cooked in a Chinese soup like sauce (RM15). Most of their dishes come in either small, medium or large, depending on how many people are eating. The sauce was tasty with that nice touch of Chinese wine. The problem with this dish though, was that some of the lala were probably dead. The best part was they removed half of the lala's shell, hoping that diners won't be able to tell (dead clams usually do not open up when cooked). For someone who buys his own seafood from suppliers in Klang, they sure picked the wrong table to serve dead stuff.

Chicken with a cream based sauce

Sorry guys, I have no idea what the name of this dish is. The waitress mumbled something in Cantonese and claimed that its very good. The chicken (RM25) was extremely crispy on the outside, but still moist on the inside. That cream-based sauce wasn't too over powering. I wouldn't say that it tasted extraordinary, but it was edible.

Kam Heong Crabs

Malaysian Mud Crab cooked in a spicy mix of dried shrimps. Normally, I do not fancy my crabs cooked in this style, but since South Sea claim to specialise in this method of cooking, I decided to give it a try. Personally, it tasted ordinary. Almost any Chinese restaurant could duplicate that same flavour. The Malaysian Mud Crab is priced at RM36 per crab. One could also opt for the Sri Lankan (RM48 per crab) or Australian Mud Crab (RM98 per kilo). Although the Australian crab is huge compared to the Malaysian variety, how different can mud crab be?

All in all, I personally will not come back here (although I know a lot of people who likes the food served here). The food ain't cheap. My personally conclusion of this place is that the chefs are not up to pare. With such fresh seafood and that hefty price tag, one would expect to get top notch food.


*Opinions expressed are solely based on my personal experience

Pricing: Varies depending on seafood of choice

Map (taken from their website) to South Sea Seafood Restaurant

229, Jalan 2A,
40000 Kampung Baru Subang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Telephone number: 03 7846 1401

Opening Hours:
11am-12am daily


babe_kl September 14, 2010 at 2:35 PM  

I think I must have visited them long ago :p cos the name does ring a bell.

Tummy Rumble September 14, 2010 at 5:58 PM  

@babe_kl: or it could be due to their mass advertisement along Jalan Lapangan Terbang.. Anyone turning into the NKVE from Subang is bound to pass by their big advertisement board..

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