Max Brenner Chocolate Bar @ Vivo City, Singapore

>> Dec 20, 2010

After our little visit at Underwater World, we took a monorail to Vivo City. Initially, we wanted to have some Ben & Jerry's. Its been quite a while since I had the strawberry cheesecake ice-cream. Anyway, while searching for B&J, we walked pass Max Brenner. Since I've heard quite a bit about the place, and haven't been to any of it yet, I thought while not.

We sat down and were served 2 glasses of water before they took our order. I had a Suckao Dark Chocolate, whereas my sister had the Cookieshake.

I'm not a die hard fan of chocolate stuff. Yes, I do enjoy chocolate occasionally. However, the art of chocolate eating is like drinking wine. Some chocolate like Amedei and Valrhona Manjari have very delicate flavors that can only be appreciated by the most delicate of taste buds. Yes, I'm sure everyone knows how to eat good chocolate, however, like wine, some people tend to appreciate it more than others as they can taste the subtle flavors of the product. I have yet to develop such abilities.

Suckao Dark Chocolate

Suckao Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Suckao

The suckao (SGD7.90) was more of a do it yourself concept. One is served a a special thermal gel lit holder, some warm milk and dark chocolate chips. That metal spoon like instrument is actually a metal spoon and straw. The idea is to pour in some warm milk and add as much chocolate as you fancy to the milk, and then sucking it up with the straw, hence the name suckao. The hot chocolate was rather thick and wasn't overly sweet. It certainly was a good drink for a rainy day.

Cookie Shake

Cookie Shake

The shake (SGD10.80) was rather pleasant. It wasn't overly rich, thick nor was it sweet. Its portion was rather fair, as in it wasn't too much that you got sick of it. I would certainly rate it better than a cookies and cream milk shake from Baskin Robbins.

All in all, MB certainly is a nice place to stop by for a drink (doesn't matter if its a cold or hot day). They serve a large variety of chocolate desserts as well. There is another branch at Esplanade. If only they opened up a branch in Malaysia, that would certainly be nice won't it?

*Opinions expressed are solely based on my personal experience

MRT station: Harbour Front

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
1, Habour Front Walk,
N01-116, Vivo City,

Telephone number: (65) 62784218


AugustDiners December 21, 2010 at 9:05 AM  

i missed max B so much! didnt know they have it in SG!~
Now i know not to cross an entire ocean to have my chocolate cravings! :D

Tummy Rumble December 21, 2010 at 2:14 PM  

@AugustDiners: yea, they've had it for quite some time. They should open up a branch in msia man..

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