TJ Haus @ SS18, Subang Jaya

>> May 28, 2010

TJ or better known as Thomas and Jeffrey opened up this place some time back in 2004, dishing out western food for the good folks of Subang Jaya. Actually, I've heard quite a bit about this place from friends. So one fine day, I decided to give this place a visit.

Cream of Mushroom

Soup was ordinary. Something I would expect from deli France.


The carbonara could have been better.

Aglio Olio

The aglio olio certainly didn't taste like olio. I can't really describe how it tasted. It was rather, different.

Salmon Fillet

This fish wasn't done well. It was overcooked. However, the sauce sure made up for the dryness.

Crispy Duck

The crispy duck, priced at RM23, was definitely the best main that night. It had a nice crispy skin and the meat wasn't overly dry.

Home-made Cheese Cake

The cheese cake was very light and refreshing. The apricot certainly added a different flavour to the dish. I would have to say that this has to be one of the better home-made cheese cake I've tasted.

All in all, all the mains were under RM30. Some of the pastas were under RM20. Service wasn't fantastic, food was okay. On the way out, I saw pre-cooked salmons stacked up on the flat grill. This is not the way a restaurant should cook their food. My other complain about this place is that they only have 1 variety of wine, and the staffs don't even know the name of the wine. The only thing I could gather from them was that the wine was from Australia.

This place is a good stop for people who live nearby, because I can't think of any other western restaurants in the neighbourhood. San Francisco Steak House in SS17 or Ben & Nick's diner would be an alternative for western food. My conclusion is Subang Jaya doesn't have any fantastic restaurant dishing out western cuisines.

The only consolation was that the staffs were friendly and the cheese cake was alright. The duck was good too. Other dishes were just average.

*Opinions expressed are solely based on my personal experience

Pricing: About RM30 per person.

Map to TJ Haus

TJ Haus
27A, Jalan SS18/1B,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Telephone number: 03 5636 4508

Opening hours:
11am-2pm, 6pm-11pm daily.
Closed 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month


Homi's Curry Puff @ Restaurant Hock Seng 2, SS2, Petaling Jaya

>> May 20, 2010

I have been busy studying my ass off for my exams, so do forgive my long absence. Don't ask me how it went cos I don't really wanna talk about it.

Anyway, enough digression. Today I'm going talk about this famous curry puff place in SS2. Put it this way, if you don't know about it, you're not from PJ.

Parking can be a problem here.

Homi's Curry Puff

This guy Homi, he's been selling curry puffs for a long long time. He gets up at hours that some of us go to bed yet to prepare his curry puffs. By 6am, he'll be ready to serve up his goodies in time for the breakfast crowd (I doubt people take curry puffs for breakfast, but who am I to judge).

His curry puffs are pre-made by his workers, then deep fried in a large pan or 'kuali' until golden brown. Each piece goes for RM1.40, which is definitely a bargain for what you're getting. Each curry puff comes with lots of potatoes, a small wedge of egg and some pieces of chicken chunks. If you ask me, I would prefer my curry puff to have more meat and less potatoes but thats just me.

Homi sells a few thousand curry puffs a day, thats what he says anyway. Thats quite a huge profit margin there from what I gather. The thing is, he deserves every bit of it for the hours he put into it. Thats why they say, Chinese people work like machines. Homi is a living example of that saying.

I personally find this curry puff to be one of the better ones around. My father usually gets 2 boxes for his meetings. However, be prepared to kick in those hours with the threadmill before consumption as these goodies are dripping with oil.

*Opinions expressed are solely based on my personal experience

Pricing: very affordable

Map to Restoran Hock Seng Two,

Restoran Hock Seng Two,
66, Jalan SS2/66,
Seksyen SS2,
Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Opening Hours:
Monday-Sunday 6am-6pm


No- LG K, 13A Floor,
The Garden,
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur,

Opening Hours:
as long as Mid Valley is open

They are slightly more expensive in the Mid Valley branch. If my memory serves me right, they're RM1.80 or RM2 each.


Seafood Paella @ Flamenco Restaurant and Bar, Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur

>> May 8, 2010

Flamenco is a style of music and dance which is considered part of the culture of Spain. However, in this part of the world, there's a nice little restaurant in Plaza Damansara named after it.

Flamenco Restaurant & Bar

The above picture was taken after the meal. It was really cold in the restaurant, hence the fogginess on my lens when leaving it..

Parking was always easy around Plaza Damansara in the night.

The place was quite empty on that Friday night. According to what I've heard, the place is more popular for lunch.

Anyway, the manager was very helpful (I forgot his name). I have to admit, the small crowd allowed him, the ONLY staff to provide us with exceptional service. The owner Angie, stopped by later on. Apparently, they have recently opened another restaurant in Starhill.

Flamenco has a wide variety of tapas. Their tapas was laid out nicely like a buffet with the price written beside it. I am sorry to say, the tapas didn't look too appetizing.

We started with a couple of appetizers. By the time the food arrived, I've had probably grown mold. If it wasn't for the politeness and the chattiness of the manager, I think I would have caused some trouble. It was probably due to the fact that there were very few customers, hence they let all the cooks off or something.

Deep Fried Calamari

The squid RM12 came with mayonnaise. It wasn't anything great.

Caesar Salad

The salad RM15 came with the usual dressing made of anchovy. The unique thing about the salad here was it was served with a poached egg instead of hard boiled egg. The salad was so-so as well.

Baked Escargot

The snailed RM20, was baked in a saltless garlic butter. Accompanied with slices of bread for dipping, it was alright. I rather the snails be served with their shells because I like to remove them myself right before eating.

Spaghetti Oriental Roast Duck

The pasta RM38, was very good. When done well, duck goes exceptionally well with pasta. I've tasted quite a few good duck pastas around. This pasta here could certainly add to the list.

Seafood Paella

The paella RM48 is meant for 2. The Spanish rice was cooked in a paella pan and topped with prawns, mussels, la-la,squid and fish. The taste of saffron, although not very distinct, was certainly present (some people don't fancy the taste of saffron so I guess its alright). However, there was this after taste of gasoline on the rice. I was quite disappointed with this dish after hearing so much about it. I guess flaming the food or somehow exposing it to gasoline spoilt its taste.

As for dessert, Flamenco didn't have 4/5 of the desserts on their menu. Angie promised us a tiramisu on the house when we come back.

All in all, Flamenco certainly didn't lived up to expectation. I heard from many that they serve one of the best seafood paella in town. However, most of the other dishes were alright. I may return one day to try their paella again though.

*Opinions expressed are solely based on my personal experience

Pricing: About RM60 per person.

Map to Flamenco Restaurant & Bar

22 & 22M, Medan Setia 2,
Plaza Damansara,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur,

Telephone number: 03 2093 0032
Fax number: 03 2093 2931

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 12-3pm, 6pm-12am.
Weekends 6pm-12am.


A good meal @ Opus Bistro, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

>> May 4, 2010

One fine Friday night, I was contemplating where to have dinner. I remembered reading about Opus Bistro somewhere. I keyed the restaurant into my Iphone (GPS) and was surprised to see it popped up. So I told myself, why not?

Opus Bistro is located along a row of shop lots on Bukit Bandaraya. Finding a parking spot wasn't too much of a hassle. Opus was full except for a small table outside (Take note to make a booking). This shows how popular the place. I knew I've come to the right place.

We started off with a Meat Lover's Platter (RM30).

Meat Lover's Platter

The platter came with a good amount of beef, smoked duck, Parmesan and rockets. I was very satisfied with the dish. The combination of various textures and flavours on the palate sure made me a happy man that night.

Mixed Mushroom Surprise

As the name goes, I was surprised mushroom could taste this good. Seriously, this had to be one of the best ways to cook mushroom ever. The medley of mushrooms cooked in olive oil, garlic and parsley turned out to be so good. (I have tried doing the same thing at home but have failed miserably). The dish was priced at RM20.

Opus Famous Roasted Cod with Lemon Caper Sauce

This is supposed to be one of Opus's all time favourite dish. The fish was crispy on the outside, but soft and flaky on the inside. The sauce went very well with the fish as well. The dish was priced at RM56. However, I still haven't found any other places that makes a cod as well as the Red Roasted Cod in Senses (Hilton KL).

Linguini Aglio Olio with Smoked Duck

The dish was priced at RM30. The pasta was one of the better duck pasta I've tasted. I was satisfied with the dish.

We ended the meal with a tiramisu.

Chef's Special Tiramisu

This tiramisu has to be one of the better tiramisu I've tasted. I certainly preferred this over Alexis's Tiramisu Cake. Then again, this is only my personal opinion that should be taken with a pinch of salt.

All in all, the meal came up to slightly more than RM200 with a glass of house wine. I must say, I was very pleased with the meal. I reckon Opus Bistro definitely deserves a revisit. Until then.

*Opinions expressed are solely based on my personal experience

Pricing: About RM100 per person.

Map to Opus Bistro

No67, Jalan Bangkung,
Bukit Bandaraya,
59100 Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur,

Telephone number: 03 2092 4288
Fax number: 03 2092 7288

Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday 12-3pm, 6pm-12am
Sunday & Public holidays 6pm-12am

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