Porky Goodness @ Ad Hog, Kota Damansara

>> Dec 30, 2010

Ad Hog is a rather new restaurant hidden somewhere deep in Kota Damansara where one is bound to never find it unless you have a GPS. It is strictly non-halal. The menu consist of lots of pork, which deserves a thumbs up from me. Sorry to you guys who can't eat pork, you don't know what you're missing out (no hard feelings okay?).

Ad Hog has a couple of their chef specialty. The other dishes go with the flow, as in Sam cooks up whatever he finds fresh in the market that day.

Gumbo Soup

Gumbo Soup

Gumbo is actually a soup/stew that originated from South Louisiana. It is usually made of a seafood (shellfish) or meat stock. The Gumbo (RM12) served that day was made up of prawns and a wide variety of vegetables (I tasted celery, tomato, leak and onions. There were others that I failed to pick up). The soup tasted a slightly spicy version of  Minestrone Soup with a couple of medium sized prawns. It was a very good starter for the slightly chilly night.

Spare Ribs


Fish Head Noodles @ SS20 Fish Head Noodles, Damansara Kim

>> Dec 27, 2010

Since its late and I'm sleepy, I'm going to to make this a short post.

I've heard so much about this little shabby stall serving fish head noodles in Damansara Kim. One day, I made a trip to Damansara Kim with the sole purpose of trying out this famous stall.

Damansara Kim SS20 Fish Head Noodles

SS20 Fish Head Noodles

There is a choice of Soong Yu, Sang Yu (Ikan Haruan/Snakehead) or fish slices to go with the noodles. One could opt for the fish head pieces to be deep fried or boiled. There is also a choice of Mee Hoon or Lai Fun (thick noodles).

Note: I'm going fishing for 'Haruan' this Tuesday. Wish me luck.

Fish Head Noodles

Fish Head Noodles


Dim Sum @ Jaya Palace, Opposite Asia Jaya, Petaling Jaya

>> Dec 24, 2010

Before my Singapore trip, I was having dim sum a few days in a row. Fortunately, I have the decently of splitting the dim sum post to ensure reader do not get bored from consecutive posts on dim sum. Anyway, my first post is going to be on dim sum at Jaya Palace.

Jaya Palace is located opposite Asia Jaya, along that row of industrial buildings that can be seen from federal highway when traveling from Subang towards KL. Anyway, the food at Jaya Palace has been rather good (I've had dinner there a couple of times as well).


Steamed Prawn Dumplings

Har Gao (RM7.30) as its called in Cantonese, is actually prawn wrapped around a paper thin dumpling skin. As can be seen in the picture above, the dumpling skin was rather translucent. The prawn dumplings here were one of the better ones I've eaten. The whole point of eating a prawn dumpling is to taste the prawn and not the dumpling skin. Some places does the skin too thick though.

Salad Prawns

Salad Prawns

The Salad Prawns (RM6.80) were actually deep fried prawn dumplings (with a thicker skin). It is usually served accompanied by mayonnaise. The salad prawns were ordinary if you ask me. It wasn't bad, but there wasn't anything special about it.

Fried Carrot Cake with XO Sauce.


Kampachi @ Pavilion, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Kampachi actually means yellow tail (fish) in Japanese. However, if you mention Kampachi in KL, most people would refer to the restaurant. Aside from Pavilion, Kampachi Restaurant has outlets in Equitorial Hotels throughout Malaysia.

Anyway, my grandfather was buying dinner to celebrate the final day of my cousin's SPM examination. I was the latest to arrive, so I could only take pictures of my food.

Soft Shell Crab Roll

Soft Shell Crab Maki

A whole soft shell crab was deep fried and then rolled up with some rice, prawn roe, cucumber and mayo wrapped with seaweed and then sliced into 4 pieces. The picture above was only half a portion. A whole portion (8 pieces) is priced at RM38. I found the crab hard, instead of crunchy as it should be. It might have been left out for too long, or the batter could have been the issue. Anyway, the crab which was the highlight of the roll, was rather disappointing.

3 Pieces of Sushi

3 Pieces of Sushi


Thai Food @ Soht & Baay, Ion Orchard, Singapore

>> Dec 22, 2010

This is going to be my last post on Singapore. We actually had dim sum at Marriott on the day of our departure. Unfortunately, I left my memory card in my computer the night before. Anyway, we on the top floor of ion considering what to eat. Initially, we wanted to try Paradise Inn as I've heard good reviews about their dim sum. The queue however, was a turn off. I guess good places always have queues.

Soht & Baay literally mean fresh and good in Thai. It is managed by celebrity chef Ms Apasara, and they specialise in seafood. Ms Apasara being a Buddhist (I assume she's a Buddhist due to the number of idols around). Hence, the no beef policy.

The restaurant is actually 1 floor above, directly inside of the giant Ion Sign one can see from Orchard Road. Unfortunately for me, the sign kept changing colors causing me to repeatedly change my white balance, hence the funny color pictures blow.

Anyway, we were served by this main land Chinese dude, who couldn't speak fluent English. Somehow, these people are rather crude. Whether intentionally or not, this dude had a rather unpleasant tone. He was pressing for us to order fish. When we declined and opted for 3 dishes between the 2 of us, he insisted it wasn't enough, pushing us to order another 2 more. In the end, we had 5 dishes between the 2 of us, which is rather ridiculous. No matter how small the portion is, 5 dishes for 2?

Anyway, I am rather hopeless when it comes to Thai food. I know the basic stuff like Tom Yum etc. Some dishes are rather common but I can't seem to recall their names (My brain has been on vacation mode since my exams).

Thai Appetizer

Thai Appetizer

The appetizer above was on the house. It had a rather refreshing bite into it and was probably served as a palate cleanser before the meal.

Thai Mango Salad

Thai Mango Salad

The salad (SGD18.90) was rather refreshing. It had a nice crisp from the unripe mango, and the dressing wasn't too sour. Its presentation was rather eye pleasing as well.


Pete's Place @ Grant Hyatt Hotel, Singapore

>> Dec 20, 2010

On our final night in Singapore, we were meeting a friend for dinner in the hotel. We decided to have Italian again at Pete's Place. Pete's Place is one of the oldest Italian Restaurant in Singapore.

Anyway, we ordered a couple of appetizers to share. Thankfully we decided to share as the portions were rather large.

Meat Antipasti


Antipasti actually means 'before a meal'. It usually represents appetizer in a fine dining Italian place. This dish (SGD29) was actually a selection of imported shaved and cured meat, Italian cheeses and home-made pickle along with some salad. The selection of meat was actually quite wide. The cheese was rather ordinary though.

Pinzimonia Antipasti

Pinzimonia Antipasti

Pinzimonia actually means raw vegetables in Italian. Surprisingly, I found this dish (SGD19) better than its meat counterpart. The vegetables were marinated in a nice mixture of herbs. The vegetables were crunchy and flavourful. Thumbs up to the chef for this dish.


Max Brenner Chocolate Bar @ Vivo City, Singapore

After our little visit at Underwater World, we took a monorail to Vivo City. Initially, we wanted to have some Ben & Jerry's. Its been quite a while since I had the strawberry cheesecake ice-cream. Anyway, while searching for B&J, we walked pass Max Brenner. Since I've heard quite a bit about the place, and haven't been to any of it yet, I thought while not.

We sat down and were served 2 glasses of water before they took our order. I had a Suckao Dark Chocolate, whereas my sister had the Cookieshake.

I'm not a die hard fan of chocolate stuff. Yes, I do enjoy chocolate occasionally. However, the art of chocolate eating is like drinking wine. Some chocolate like Amedei and Valrhona Manjari have very delicate flavors that can only be appreciated by the most delicate of taste buds. Yes, I'm sure everyone knows how to eat good chocolate, however, like wine, some people tend to appreciate it more than others as they can taste the subtle flavors of the product. I have yet to develop such abilities.

Suckao Dark Chocolate

Suckao Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Suckao


Ribs @ Chili's, Outsite Universal Studio, Singapore

Truthfully, I would consider Chili's as fast food and not bother blogging about it. I have at least 8 more reviews to write up, so I have no idea why I even bother writing this up.

Having been to the Universal Studio in LA and almost all the Disney Land in the world, I didn't really want to go to Universal Studio. Alas, I was doing my parents a favor, and had to bring my younger sister there. It was either me or one of my parent. I'm such a nice guy.

Anyway, Universal Studio was sold out on that day. It was a little disappointing after traveling all that distance to Sentosa (Thumbs up to Universal Studio for having a quota per day, or rides would take hours).

Universal Studio Singapore

I'm not lying, see? I have a picture of it

As I was rather hungry, we stopped by Chili's for a quick lunch before heading off to Underwater World.

The thing I love about Singapore is that pork is rampant. I really love pork ribs. I remembered someone once told me that Chili's serve better ribs than Tony Romas. We started with some Buffalo Wings and then a whole slab or ribs.


Chicken Rice @ Boon Tong Kee, River Valley Road, Singapore

Initially, I wanted to go to Chatterbox (Meritus Mandarin) to have their famous (or rather infamously priced chicken rice and lobster laksa). Alas, someone wanted to treat us. Hence being a very nice guest, we opted for a more reasonably priced chicken rice place.

A couple of years back, Malaysia had a dispute with Singapore over the origination of a couple of prominent hawker food (eg: Bak Kut Teh), I am not sure if chicken rice was on that list as well, but frankly, I can't be bothered. As long as the food taste good, who cares where it comes from.

This is my 2nd visit to Boon Tong Kee so far. This time round, we were seated on the ground floor. A waitress took our order. Service was quite efficient.

Garlic Chilli Sauce

Dark Soy Sauce and Chili Sauce for the Chicken

The chili sauce differed a little from what we get back home. The chili sauce here was solely garlic, ginger and red chilies. I prefer my chicken rice chili slightly sourish, as served around KL.

Boiled Hainanese Kampung Chicken

Boiled Kampung Chicken

The chicken was served with some pickles on the side. The chicken was rather ordinary. They were quite stingy with the sauce.


Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar @ Purvis Street, Singapore

>> Dec 15, 2010

Sorry for the long absence. I was having a very major exam on the 2nd of Dec. Now that its done and over with, lets hope for the best. I recently got back from Singapore. I have to say, food down south seems to be a lot better than back home. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Anyway, my 1st lunch outing in Singapore was at Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar. It was a rather quiet and nice restaurant, situated along Purvis Street. Service at Garibaldi was top notch. We were immediately seated upon arrival. The server informed us of the chef's special of the day, and was more than happy to make recommendations. There is a set lunch at the restaurant for SGD38, which I personally feel is a steal. The set lunch consist of 3 choices of appetizer, 5 main and 2 desserts. Being my first and hopefully not last visit here, I opted for the degustation menu SGD98.

Fresh Bread from the Oven

Fresh Bread from the Oven

We were served bread to be dipped with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The bread was done very well. It had a nice crusty exterior with a soft core.

To make it easier to read, I'll start off with dishes from the degustation menu followed by the set lunch.

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