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Hokkien Mee @ Ahwa, Jalan 222, Petaling Jaya

>> Dec 9, 2009

Looking for a good plate of hokkien noodles? Look no further. Ahwa hokkien mee at section 14 (adjacent to jalan 222) serves the best hokkien mee in the whole of Petaling Jaya. It is even famous among foreigners and people from out station.

Ahwa Hokkien Mee

Ahwa has been frying hokkien mee for many years now, and has even trained several staffs to fry the noodles. Ahwa usually just sits back and watch his people fry the noodles. However, one can specially request for the man himself to fry the noodles. There is not much of a difference between his other cooks and his noodles though.

Ahwa conjuring up a plate of noodles

A plate of Hokkien Mee

The hokkien noodles at Ahwa is fried over a charcoal fire. The noodles has a distinct pork taste due to the lard fritters used in frying the noodles. (If one is not health conscious, one can opt for additional lard fritters to go with the noodles). The noodles are also fried with prawns, pork slices and vegetable. One can also opt for additional pork slices and prawns. The noodle is best eaten with some belacan chili for that extra oomph!

The noodles are priced depending on the serving of it. When ordering noodles here, one usually orders by the number of people. A portion of noodles for each person is RM6.

There are also lots of other food stalls offering various food such as grilled seafood (ikan bakar), satay, tauhu bakar, loh ark (stewed duck), loh bak and the many different types of noodles (loh mein, wah tan hor, ying yong). The grilled seafood is not bad but a bit pricey.

This is my favourite hokkien mee stall in Petaling Jaya. It is probably the most famous one as well. I would most certainly visit this place again. If you haven't tried the hokkien noodles at this place, I suggest you go give it a go. You definitely won't regret it.

Restaurant rating: 8/10
Pricing: About RM10 per person.

*Ratings are based on ambience, service, value and food quality for the price you're paying. Opinions expressed are solely based on my personal experience

Map to Ahwa Hokkien mee (directly behind the shell station at Jalan 222)

65, Jalan 14/48,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor D.E.

Opening hour:
5.30pm-2am. Days off not fixed.

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